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Offering excellent root canal treatment and the latest in technology
Root Canal Treatment

Root treatments can help save teeth

β€œIt is a pleasure to deal with such a well run, caring practice. Thank you for making such an effort to look after me and my teeth as well as those of my very elderly mother.”

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment has a bad reputation that it really does not deserve. Many people expect it to be painful, expensive and bound to fail but this is certainly not the case at Tutbury Dental Practice, which attracts patients from Burton on Trent, Uttoxeter, Ashbourne, Litchfield, South Derbyshire and Staffordshire.

As with all of our treatments we ensure that there is no pain by skilfully numbing the area with anaesthetics to take away all feeling from the teeth being treated. We have also invested in the latest equipment and training to ensure that the results are as good as possible and highly predictable. You can even pay for your treatment in instalments if you would prefer.

The latest dental technology

Often root canal treatment is the difference between losing a tooth and keeping it. Using our advanced equipment, experience and high-level training we can help with complex root canal treatments. Our services are available to all of our regular patients and patients from elsewhere who are not yet members.

Dental lasers are at the forefront of developing dental technology and have many uses, from gum margin realignment to the sterilisation of root canals. The Tutbury Dental Practice is one of only a few practices to offer this facility.

Natural teeth are best

We will always endeavour to save your teeth rather than remove them, because natural teeth are best. The loss of even one tooth can have a detrimental effect on your mouth and can lead to your other teeth drifting into the gap, which can cause problems with your bite.