Just thought I’d share a recent case that I have completed with you to show how a simple cosmetic dentistry procedure can transform a smile.


The picture shows the patient is living with a white mark and chip on her upper right front tooth. What can we do to help?

before picture showing front tooth with defect

Composite bonding can be used to correct all manner of problems with front teeth

After (45 mins later):

after picture showing restored upper front tooth

The tooth has been improved dramatically with a simple composite bonding procedure.

The upper right front tooth has been transformed – no veneers, no trickery, no harmful side effects and the cost was just £150.

The dentists at Tutbury Dental Practice are expert at improving teeth with modern composite bonding techniques. We have trained in Belgium to ensure that we remain a leading cosmetic practice. If you have things that you would like to change about your front teeth, why not come and talk to us.


Adam Steventon, Dentist, Tutbury Dental Practice